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Editor's Recipe: Pot Roast in the Crock Pot, and Fresh Carrots!

I hope all of our U.S. readers had a nice Thanksgiving, we took a family retreat in the GA mountains with this being our first year without my mom. It was very tough for me emotionally but we got through it and had a good time together. We played lots of Monopoly, Scrabble and Phase 10, and for dinner we threw together some frozen meals with veggies on the side, and pumpkin pie of course. You know, I think pumpkin pie should be served at every holiday, not just Thanksgiving and Christmas!

So what's for dinner at your house tonight? I just spent an hour preparing our favorite pot roast meal for the crock pot tonight, YUM! This week has been so hectic getting back to work and the kids schedules at school are very busy as well. If we had a smaller family this meal would make two or three dinners but for our family of 6 it will be all eaten up tonight I'm sure.

People often ask me how to cook for just one or two people on a budget and I tell them it's okay to make a large meal like this and then just divide it up for the freezer! That's what we're going to do when our kids are all grown! :o)

When I make our pot roast I usually add a small bag of baby carrots, but this time I picked up some beautiful fresh carrots from the produce department, complete with the green tops still on them (I think they may have even been in the organic section). Now, I know they are more expensive than the bagged carrots, and I have NEVER done this before, but I must tell you, they are SO GOOD!!! We don't have to get them all the time (they are more time consuming to prepare as well), but what a treat!

I prepared the fresh carrots for the crock pot and then had to sneak just one to see how much better they tasted. For one thing, they are softer than most bagged carrots, and they look better too. And the taste can't be beat (unless you grow your own I'm sure ;o) The biggest thing is that unlike most bagged carrots, the fresh ones do not have that waxy taste, they are delicious! If you've never tried fresh carrots I hope you will soon, if you like carrots that is! :o)