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Editor's Recipe: Cookie Baking Tips

Welcome Cookie Club and Cake Club members, we hope you'll join us here on our new "What's For Dinner Tonight?" Blog!!!

Okay, so I know cookies aren't for dinner... sorry to disappoint the kids, but here are two great tips I learned from the Wilton baking company.

The first is when making cut out cookies. Roll the dough right onto the baking sheet and remove the extra dough from there instead of rolling the dough out onto the counter. This way, you won't mess up the shape of the cookies when trying to transfer them.

A second great tip they had was to place the cookie cutter back on each cookie one at a time, to add sprinkles. We always make a big mess when adding sprinkles (like all over the baking sheet, off onto the counter and who knows where else) so I thought this was a super idea as well.

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