How Are Y'all Doing After the Holidays?

I don't know about y'all, but for some reason cooking dinner for our family after the holidays seems even harder than during other times of the year. Is it that we cooked too much food during the holidays, were just too busy, or that we just ATE too much food?! ;o)

I'm not sure what it was, but I'd be just as happy to have soup every night for the next few weeks, that would be great. And I don't even particularly like soup! Today we picked up some chili from Wendy's for lunch and I only ate half of mine, I'm having the other half for dinner tonight! Not sure what we'll do for hubby and the kids, but we'll think of something I hope.

Hey, speaking of families, do you all know about our homemade Christmas ornament contest at BetterBudgeting? The contest ends at the end of January so you still have time to submit an ornament if you'd like to. The first prize is $100 so you're welcome to check it out if you're crafty and have a nice ornament you'd like to enter, just go to the site ( and look on the right hand column for the red link that says "Homemade Christmas Ornament Contest!"

Okay y'all, tell me what's for dinner tonight, all I can think of right now is soup, or the rest of my Wendy's chili! You can write to me real easy by just clicking on the comment link below, I love hearing from you! :o)

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  1. Anonymous11:18 PM

    Dear Michelle,
    I really appreciate your site. I am a mom of four too and I am finding it harder and harder to keep everyone fed on a tight budget! I wanted to submit a recipe to your site that my mother in law (frugal mom of three boys) came up with.

    Veggie Pot Roast

    2 packages of Morningstar steak strips

    1 green bell pepper chopped with seeds removed

    1 carrot, 1 celery stalk, half an onion, 2 large potatoes, all roughly chopped

    1 pot roast seasoning mix, includes the oven bag.

    follow directions on the seasoning mix and bake it all together in the bag for about an hour on 350.

    For extra gravy, use a veggie brown gravy packet, found in most regular grocery stores in the health food section.

    I do extra potatoes on the side to feed everyone.

    Anyway, thank you for all the good info!

    Josey in Colorado