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A Great Money Saver for Dinner!

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Hi Michelle,

I've been reading your websites and ezines for years - thanks for all the great tips and support! After looking over your "What's for Dinner blog," I thought I would share this little tidbit.

To help those stressed-out moms who can't figure out what to have for dinner for one more night... how about BREAKFAST?! Think about: waffles and bacon, sausage-egg and cheese scrambles, omelets (use up those leftover bits of ham or veggies) or biscuits and gravy... that's good stuff!! Yummy, filling and cheap.

We started having breakfast for dinner once a week - at our house it was every Thursday night. We almost always had breakfast fixins' on hand, it is a quick prep meal and usually budget friendly as well. My kids loved it and I loved it too - made my weekly meal planning much easier!

Also, most busy families do not get to enjoy a nice hot breakfast together very often, this will give them chance to eat some morning favorites and save mom from one more night of having to decide what to have.

Hope this tip is useful - enjoy!

- Julie Brossow of Lynden, WA


Thanks for writing in Julie, it's nice to meet you! :o) This is a wonderful dinner tip and one that our family used to do a lot when our children were younger. I especially love that you have more than the standard eggs and bacon that sounds very yummy indeed! We will have to start doing this again... nothing could be easier and it's a great money and time saver!!!