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How Many of You Order Pizza Delivery Once a Week?

I'm starting to think it's just part of life! No matter how hard we try, we still end up ordering pizza about once a week. I even know how to make great pizza at home myself, and I mean, GREAT pizza!

But as I was trying to explain to my sister-in-law the other day, who said her and her husband always order their pizza to go and then go pick it up (which is of course usually cheaper and I was thrilled for her - TRULY!), when we order pizza it's not just because we want pizza, it's because we need someone to BRING DINNER TO US! Isn't that the whole idea of pizza anyways? ;o) Oh well, our family does love pizza so either way, whether homemade, pickup or delivery, it is always good!

I am just wondering, how often does your family order pizza delivery? Once a week, once a month? Never? Oh don't say never, I'll feel really bad then! Unless it's because you don't like pizza, then of course we'll understand!

And when you do order pizza, what kind of toppings do you like to get? Our kids like just cheese, like most kids, and I still can't understand that. I like white pizza with mushrooms and spinach, yum! Or just mushrooms, which we rarely order because the kids won't eat mushrooms and my husband would much rather have meat on his pizza, like sausage or pepperoni.

Did you know you can sometimes find homemade pizza dough in the deli section of your grocery store? At least you can here in Atlanta at our Publix stores, very nice! I have only been able to buy them once, they usually don't have any left when I look for them, and do have them when I am not in the mood for buying (which translates to MAKING) pizza at home.

Just thought I'd mention that as it's really a great time saver and when I did try it I have to say, it was almost as good as my own homemade pizza dough! :o) You can also buy pizza dough from the delivery stores such as Dominos!