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Salmon, Rice and Green Beans

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Laura wrote...

What great recipes, ladies! Thanks so much for sharing! I'm new to this site and to blogging, so hope it turns out okay.

Tonight, we're having salmon, rice and green beans.

Salmon is much cheaper when I buy one big filet, usually about 15-18 inches long, 2-2.5 lbs. Wash it, cut it into three pieces and freeze two (in seperate plastic bags).

The fresh piece is patted dry and placed in a glass baking dish. Seasoning ranges from dried minced garlic with lemon adobo powder to any ethnic sauce you love... teriyaki, jamaican jerk, whatever. Cover lightly with wax paper and put in microwave. Depending on the thickness of the fish, I usually cook on high for 5 minutes and then in 2-3 minute segments. The fish is done when it turns opaque. Sometimes the fatty parts "explode" making a mess, but it's so delicious, that it's worth having to wipe out the microwave each time.

When the fish is done, I try to remove the skin and the gray matter between the skin and fish, before serving. When I don't add any liquid, sometimes the skin sticks to the pan which makes it easier to serve. Otherwise, I just use a knife and fork to lift the skin off. Have a great evening! - Laura


Hi Laura, this is a great dinner, and very healthy! I usually broil salmon but sounds like the microwave works great too. Maybe an extra sheet of wax paper would help that splatter problem, or a slightly deeper dish?