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Sausage and Pasta, Chicken with Rice or Mashed Potatoes

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Maggie wrote...

Hi, I just wanted to share a recipe! When I was a poor college student (still am. lol), I would make this really great meal that didn't cost that much.

Cook pasta according to package (as much as you want to cook and whatever kind you want to use, I often used rotini just because it's easier to eat).

In a pan, cut up sausage (which when you calculate per person/serving, is quite affordable) and start it on low heat. Then you can turn up the heat once it starts to release its own oil or you can add a tbsp of whatever oil you want. Once the sausage is browned, spoon in out and add onions, green/red and/or yellow peppers, tomatoes (I used canned), salt, pepper and whatever spices you'd like (I usually used just salt and pepper because the sausage already has its own flavor.) Once it's done, add the browned sausage and let it heat through and you're done.

As for the cooked pasta, you can either add it into the sausage/pepper mix or you can just put it in a bowl and pile your sausage/pepper mixture on top. The colors in this are amazing and since I bought the 5 sausage link packages, I always had plenty to freeze for later in the week when I KNEW I'd be too lazy to cook.

Another easy recipe was:

Prepare rice/mashed potatoes as you normaly would.

In baking dish, layer frozen chicken (lazy student, remember?), salt, pepper, spices you'd like etc, tomatoes (I used canned) and a can of cream of anything soup. I wouldn't add any water because the frozen chicken produced enough. However, you could add a little water and you'll have more soup for the chicken/mashed potatoes or whatever else you'd like to eat with it. Put it in a 375-degree oven for about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes.

I hope that you find these helpful. I would encourage you to use them as they are or tweak them to suit your needs. As you can tell, I eyeball everything I used and don't use measuring cups or anything. It's about doing what I want with the recipe to suit my needs.


Hi Maggie, thank you for sharing your frugal student recipes with us! Keep on cooking and good luck with your studies!!! :o)