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Many New Recipes Coming this Fall!!!

Hey y'all I just wanted to check in real quick and let you know I'm still here! Our kids will be starting back to school in a few weeks and I have an inbox full of great recipes that I'd like to share with you. And yes, it's okay to keep sending me your favorites, we have plenty of room for more! Just tell me what you like for dinner, what you make when there's little food in the house or don't have time or money for a trip to the store. We all know what that's like!

I just got an email from one of our readers who is taking my Better Budgeting Class (I teach this 5-week course once a quarter) and he was laid off unexpectedly from his job on Friday! It can happen to any of us, at any time, and we've been there too. If you've never experienced being out of work, you are very fortunate!

So let's put our heads together, our typing fingers to work and get these frugal recipes posted for the families and folks that need them the most. As soon as our four children get settled back in school at some point in August I will be posting everything we can right here... on our Frugal Family Recipes Blog!!!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer, see you soon! :o)