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Matzo Ball Soup - Budget Copy Cat Recipes

I have a new passion; making semi-homemade matzo ball soup! I used to make it over twenty years ago before my husband and I were married and my best friend was Jewish, which I guess inspired me to try new recipes like this... Sandra, where are you? I miss you!

So about my re-obsession with this wonderful soup, why, I don't know! Maybe it's because we are back in Atlanta and it's just a fond memory I have. Maybe it's because the cold weather is creeping up on us and I'm tired of every other soup we've been having for years on end and I just MISS matzo ball soup! Or, it could be because we recently went to the Marietta Diner and had THEIR matzo ball soup and I haven't stopped craving it since!

When I used to make matzo ball soup 25 years ago I would go to the store like most unaware gentile cooks and buy a box of "Matzo Ball Soup Mix!" Or do Jewish families use the boxes too? I don't know! I was just thrilled and happy to make my soup by the directions on the back of the box and eat it all up! That was then.

I have since learned that matzo ball soup can be MUCH BETTER!!!

The restaurant makes their matzo ball soup with vegetable soup, noodles and all! Oh my, it is so delicous I could eat it every day! And although I know there has to be more 'proper' (and cheaper) ways to make matzo ball soup I am still cheating by buying the box and using it to make the matzo balls. Then I put the matzo balls in our vegetable soup (4 cans of Lite-Progresso on sale is also great for us busy working moms, not as frugal as homemade but you MUST buy it on sale!) and oh my goodness, heaven on earth!

Also, I am experimenting with making the matzo balls with half veg. oil and half olive oil, not all veg. oil as the box says to do and they are better this way too!

What kind of soups do y'all like to make, and does anyone make homemade matzo ball soup, without the box? I cannot wait to make another batch, YUM!!!