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Thanksgiving Recipes and Surgery Update

Last month I had so wanted to share with you some great recipes for Thanksgiving but life doesn't always go the way we plan, as we all know. Not only was I recovering from major surgery but my laptop which I needed in order to be able to get online for any extended amount of time just completely quit on me. My husband tried for about 4 hours to repair it but finally we had to give in and send it in for warranty work. I have missed y'all and do hope you had a wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving!

NEXT YEAR, I do hope we can all get together here and share our favorite frugal family recipes for Thanksgiving, I would really love that!

We had some exciting news on the cooking front in November! ABC News featured two of my Thanksgiving recipes on their web site and one of them was my mom's Sweet Potato casserole. I was just so excited to see her recipe featured and I know she was smiling up in heaven along with me! :-)

(I do not have the page link handy at the moment but I will get it for you and add it here soon.)

Now, I'm guessing y'all would like to know more about my surgery as I haven't really had a chance to keep you up to date. Everything just happened so fast it was a lot to deal with for me and my family and thankfully, I am okay and on the road to full recovery. Praise God!

To make a long story short... in early October, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I was sent from dr. to dr. and had one test after another. Within just a few weeks my surgery was scheduled as quickly as possible with a GYN/Oncologist. Having just lost my mom to colon cancer last year and as a cancer survivor myself already, well you can just imagine what everyone was thinking, including my doctors.

However, God had other plans for me at this time! My surgery went very well and I am at home now recovering with my family taking good care of me. The tumor was removed along with a second one that didn't show up on the CT scans and the first and second pathology reports came back 100% cancer free! Meaning, there was no cancer! :o)

For most of this year I've been dealing with all the symptoms of ovarian cancer but I believe that was because I had a large tumor inside me that was causing the same problems whether it was cancer or not. At this time there are no sure tests to confirm ovarian cancer before surgery is performed and/or the tumor can be biopsied.

Please Note... If you have any changes in your health or digestive system that do not go away within a few days please talk to your doctor and do not put it off! Both my mom and I had regular dr. appointments that MISSED our health problems, and of course by the time her colon cancer was found it was too late. She died 31 days after she was finally diagnosed. I know it's just so easy for the days to turn into weeks and weeks turn into months and so on. But there are a lot of tests that can be done such as a painless CT scan to see if there is anything wrong inside of you, so don't be afraid, just call your dr. and make the appointment!

We are so very thankful that everything turned out okay and I am so glad to still be here with you! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones!