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How to Cook Browned Oatmeal

Featured Reader's Question...

I have a question with regards to cooking oatmeal. When I was a kid my grandmother cooked oatmeal for my sister and I when we would spend the night. She had the ability to cook it so as it would brown next to the pan and this browned (not burned) oatmeal was something that I have always remembered and have never been able to replicate. My dad remembers this browned oatmeal (the browning creates an excellent flavor), but he has not been able to cook it either. I have tried using less water, different temperatures, slower cooking times and I have still not been able to reproduce it.

So this leads me to this email to you, how do you brown oatmeal so as to provide some browning next to the pan but not so it burns and sticks to the pan? One thing I do remember is that my grandmother used copper bottom pots and used a gas stove. She passed away in 1986 and took her secret with her. Any information or help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted by Kim in Michigan

Editor's Note - Hi Kim! I am posting your request here on our blog so our members can help us answer your question. Our family loves cooked old fashioned oats too, but we do not brown them. Sounds like something to try, thanks for sending in your question! And by the way, breakfast foods like oatmeal make wonderfully frugal dinners!