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Frosty Breakfast Smoothies

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Frosty Breakfast Smoothies

When fruit is on sale (or better yet, on the reduced rack), buy as much as your budget will allow. Wash well and run through a juicer or blender (I prefer a juicer because you don't have to peel or core anything). Pour into ice cube trays and freeze. Remove from trays and store cubes in freezer bags. When needed, throw a handful of cubes into a blender with a little milk, yogurt or protein powder (or all three!) and whizz away. The result is a fabulous thick smoothie that will stay cold for a long time... perfect for a long morning commute. Kids especially love this as they think they're getting ice cream for breakfast!

Submitted by Marilyn A.


Sounds delightful, Marilyn, and great for the coming summer months too! :o) - Michelle