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Mock Goose - WWII Recipe

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This is a recipe that comes from the lean years of the Second World War when the rations for items like sugar, fat, meat, eggs and such were very small. I cook it regularly and serve it with other vegetables. At the moment that is carrots and cabbage which are in season here.

Mock Goose

2 lbs potatoes. If the skins are good I scrub them - if not I peel them - and cut them into thin slices

2 large cooking apples, or 3 smaller eating (dessert) apples, I don't peel them but wash and take out the cores, I then chop them into small pieces

One pint of stock - vegetable or any other

1 good tablespoon of cornstarch (cornflour)

Chopped sage leaves - 2 or 3

4 oz grated cheese, I like a good strongly flavoured cheese, but it depends on taste


Take half of the potatoes and mix them with the apples and sage in a flat dish. Make a nice layer of the rest of the apples on top and put three quarters of the stock over the top. Cover with foil and cook in a medium oven, 350 degrees, for three quarters of an hour. The potatoes should be soft.

Mix the rest of the stock with the cornstarch and pour onto the dish, move the dish to mix with the stock already in there. Sprinkle the cheese on the top and put back in the oven - uncovered - for 15 to 20 minutes.

This is a dish that can be changed and added to. I often use leftover gravy as the stock, I have put sliced carrots and onions with the apples and potatoes. I have put sliced tomatoes on top and these are all good, but my favourite is the basic straightforward recipe.

What I find interesting is that many American recipes are sweet for British tastes. I have the "More With Less" cookbook which I really like, but I often have to adjust the sugar.

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Submitted by Maureen Sinclair


Thanks for sharing this recipe with us, Maureen, very frugal indeed! :o) - Michelle