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Leftover Ideas - Chicken Pot Pie

Featured Dinner Idea...

I made a chicken pot pie the other night with things I had in the freezer (a bag of chicken and broth, frozen vegetables). I made one large deep dish pot pie (filled to the brim) and still had enough for another pot pie, so I ladled the extra into a freezer container for another pot pie later in the month. But I still had some of the pot pie filling left over - there was not enough for an additional pot pie. I certainly didn't want to pour it out and debated about making a small individual pot pie (too much time for small gain). So I grabbed the chunky salsa out of the fridge and poured some into the mixture, added a tad of water and heated it up. It tasted REALLY good. So I poured it into a container and had enough soup for two lunches that week at work.

So my tip is: If you have a small amount of something left over think about what you might be able to do with it - if it doesn't turn out and you were going to throw it out anyway you haven't lost any money and you've gained experience for future food creations.

Submitted by K.A.


I bet that was delicious! - Michelle