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Meatless Lasagna with Tomatoes and Basil

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Meatless Lasagna with Tomatoes and Basil

Michelle, I just found your website. I just thought I would share a cheap and delicious meal that took less than 10 minutes prep. I bought 2 jars of Ragu reduced fat Parmesan Alfredo, a 4 pack of tomatoes, 1 pack fresh basil, a package of shredded Italian cheeses and 1 box oven ready lasagna noodles.

Use a 13x9 pan, spread some sauce, layer using noodles, sauce, sliced tomatoes and basil leaves. Top w/grated cheese. Cover and bake according to box directions. Hubby was at first upset there wasn't meat in it. My dad owns DQ's in NE Texas and I keep frozen grilled chicken breast from the store and debated over cutting some to add in, would have been good but it was fine without! About $10 to fix and had enough for 2 meals for my family of 4.

Submitted by Tonya King


Lasagna is a dish that can be adapted in so many ways, and your version sounds yummy, Tonya! When you grow your own basil and/or tomatoes you save even more! :o) - Michelle