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Alfredo Sauce for Fettuccine

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Store bought Alfredo sauce tends to be a bit pricey and my family doesn’t really like the taste of it so I came up with my own homemade recipe. This is my 18-year-old's favorite meal.

Fettuccine Alfredo

8 oz. cream cheese, cut in 1-inch cubes (do not substitute low fat or the sauce will be too thin)
1 cup Parmesan cheese (I use the store brand in a shaker can)
1/2 cup butter or margarine (I prefer butter but in a pinch I have used margarine)
2 cups milk
1 lb. fettuccine noodles
Dash of nutmeg (optional, but it adds a nice flavor)
Pepper to taste

Cook pasta by package directions. In a large sauce pan combine butter, cream cheese and milk. Cook on med., stirring constantly until smooth. Be sure to watch carefully to avoid scorching turn down heat if necessary. Add Parmesan cheese stir constantly and allow to simmer until desired thickness. You can add more Parmesan cheese if you like a richer flavor. Add nutmeg and pepper.
Serve over pasta.

Serve with a salad and loaf of Italian bread and this is a nice hearty and frugal meal. This is even a nice meal for when you have company. This meal including the salad and bread costs around $5 and it feeds my family of 6.

Allicia Brownlee


I used to make homemade Alfredo for my family all the time, Allicia, will have to try this one! - Michelle