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Winning Recipe of Our August Contest: Hot Dog Cornbread

Contest Winner - August 2009

My kids loved this growing up and now my grandsons do, too! This is one of the recipes I made when we had babysitters because at least two of them also loved it!

I use the cornbread recipe that I know by memory. The closest is probably that on any cornmeal package. You can also use cornbread mix. In Texas, we always make cornbread with yellow cornmeal.

Hot Dog Cornbread

3 hot dogs
2 T. mustard
2 T. sweet relish

Make cornbread as usual and pour into 9x9 inch dish. Cut hot dogs into thirds and then slice lengthwise almost all the way through. Carefully place the hot dog pieces in the cornbread in three rows of three. Stir together mustard and relish and fill the hot dog cavities with this mixture. Bake the cornbread as usual.

You can also fill hot dogs with cheese or other favorite condiments, but we love the mustard and relish!

Submitted by Charlene R.


Congratulations, Charlene!!!

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