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Contest Update - January 2010

We've had some fun new recipes to share with you since I last wrote to you, it's just that the holidays and January are very difficult for me as this is the three year anniversary of when we lost my mom. It doesn't seem even possible that she has been gone this long. I don't know how I've even made it this far, but here I am, sitting here in my office, still working, still taking care of my family, still breathing. Yeah, I know she's probably glad about that! ;o)

Okay, y'all, so I'm changing our monthly recipe contest just a bit. Starting this month we will be selecting the winning recipe instead of our readers at, this should save us a lot of time and going back and forth counting.  However, y'all are always free to let me know what your favorites are, I love chatting with you all!

Also, we may need to end the grocery gift card giveaway at some point soon to cut back on our expenses, my husband is about to be out of work. I just could not bring myself to do that yet, I love our contests, they are so much fun!  However, the contest will no longer include a free copy of my cookbook, I do hope y'all understand.

It would be so wonderful to get to know y'all better, I want to hear about what kinds of food you like to cook (and eat) and how you are managing cooking at home to feed your families on a budget. We have come full circle and are now eating most of our meals at home again.  My sister-in-law has moved in with us (for almost a year now) so we're feeding a family of SEVEN!!!

Have a great weekend y'all, I will see you again soon!