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Spicy Dirty Rice, Homemade Noodle Pot Pie, Free Turkey, Cheap Sloppy Joes

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We call this Spicy Dirty Rice.

Brown 1 lb of hamburger, and drain.
Cook enough white rice for 4. Not instant, the kind you have to boil.
Mix 1 can of crushed tomatoes w/ green chilies into your ground beef.

1.99 or less per pound of ground beef.
1.29 16oz bag of white rice
.50 for a can of crushed tomatoes w/ green chilies.
2.00 for cheddar cheese.
5.79 divided by 4 = $1.45/person

Top your rice w/ the hamburger mixture and then top that w/ cheddar cheese.

My teenagers love this and there are never any leftovers.


Homemade Noodle Pot Pie

In a small bowl, mix 2 eggs and 2 cups of flour. Mix in just enough water to make the dough set. Should not be wet and sticky. Flour your counter top and roll dough out to about 1/4 inch thickness. Cut into 2 x 2" pieces. Bring 1 dutch oven 1/2 way filled w/ water to a boil. Drop in 4 large cubed potatoes. Don't cut the potatoes too small or they'll turn to mush. Drop in any of the following precooked meats: Ham, Chicken, Turkey, Beef. Drop in your already prepared dough noodles.

You'll also need to "make gravy" as my grandmother calls it, buy mixing water and flour to thicken your broth so that it's the consistency of gravy.

Mix the "gravy mixture into your boiling pot, stirring the pot. When the potatoes are soft, and the noodles have cooked for at least 10 minutes you're done. Add any vegetables, onions, or seasoning to taste. This is a staple in our house and a quick fix for when there's leftover meats from another meal.


Free Turkey

Here are some meals we make from a cooked turkey. I never buy a turkey. Our local grocery store usually gives them away if you spend $300 in 5 or 6 weeks. I use these weeks to stock up. And, they do it twice a year.

1. Turkey dinner

2. Turkey pot pie, like above

3. Turkey corn soup

4. Turkey wraps for lunches

5. Open faced Turkey and gravy waffles

6. Turkey casserole w/ dumplings

Of course we don't have this all in one week, but we stretch it out as far as we can!


Cheap Sloppy Joes - No Manwich Needed

1lb of browned and drained ground beef, enough ketchup to make the meat "wet." Two mounded tablespoons of brown sugar, chopped onion.

No need to buy Manwich sauce at the store, most folks have all of this stuff in their cupboards already.

Just a sample of how we're "surviving the second depression."

Submitted by Katie Howard

(Thanks for sharing all these great recipes and tips, Katie! For your sloppy Joes, you may also want to experiment with additional ingredients uch as garlic, green pepper, chili powder or even worcestershire sauce! Our kids love sloppy joes too and I know I'm guilty of buying the Manwich sauce at the store to save time, more than once... just be sure to buy your ketchup when it's on sale!!! - Michelle)