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Potato Tacos

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Please don't get turned off by the name. when my husbands family made these I didn't want ANYTHING to do with it.  But after I tried it I fell in love, just give them a chance!  This is a normal Mexican dinner but I told my grandmother who lives in Missouri and now she makes it even more than I do!  And its my kids favorite thing to eat!!

Potato Tacos

5 medium potatoes
3 T. butter
1/4 cup of milk
Tsp. of salt
20 corn tortillas
Vegetable oil to fry
Sour cream


Peel and dice your potatoes into smaller chunks (so they boil quicker).  Boil the potatoes until very tender.  Mash the potatoes add the butter and milk and salt just as if you were making mashed potatoes. After the potatoes cool down a bit scoop some of the mashed potatoes onto a corn tortilla.  Be sure not to put too much or frying will be a pain.  Fold the tortilla over but be sure to not fold it too hard because the tortillas tend to crack at the bottoms.  Put the bottom of the tortilla in the hot pan of grease first so that it wont crack apart.  After about 10 seconds just lay the taco on one side and let it fry and then the other side.

After the tacos are done we top them with lettuce, salsa, sour cream and lemon juice.

Submitted by Beth Scott