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Mjdera - Crock Pot Lentils with Couscous or Rice

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Hello! I love your newsletter and read it diligently. However I found that since moving to Israel one year ago, that many things I did before to save money, do not work here. The stores are set up different and the food supply is different. But I have a great recipe that I would like to submit for your contest that is a low cost wonder that fills you up and is easy. It also happens to be vegetarian. 

Mjdera -  Ma ja der ah (this is how you say it)

2 chopped onions
1 cup brown lentils
1 cup couscous or long grain rice
1 teaspoon or more of cumin
salt to taste
cucumbers (optional but soooooo great with this)

Chop 2 large onions and fry in some oil until wilted, brown and caramelized. Put both onions and the oil they were cooked in into a crock pot on high. Next take one cup of small brown lentils. Rinse them and clean well to be sure there are no stones or other things. Put them in the crock pot and cover with water almost one inch above the lentils. Cook for a while on high. Once they seem to almost be done, add either one cup of  big grained couscous, also rinsed (the larger, the better - if it is sized you will want about #4, also called cracked wheat) and add water if necessary. Stir every now and then. When you see it is done, add about a teaspoon or more of cumin and salt as you like.

Top the majadera with yogurt and also serve cucumbers in yogurt for a tummy filling meal! You can also substitute long grain rice for the couscous but add it at the same time you begin the lentils and use the larger lentil because they both need a while to cook.

I realize I am not being super specific with time but it will depend on weather and how dry your lentils are. I keep a big bag of lentils, couscous and rice in my freezer to make sure they are always available and fresh.

I hope you will like it! It is holy land soul food!

Submitted by ML