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Barbecue Wings

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Barbecue Wings

In October my neighbor took the three boys who helped rake and me and herself out for wings. It cost about $50.00. I ate just about nothing and two of the boys are little ten year olds. So the night before Halloween I cooked a bag of wings and joints from aldi ($7.00)

Soak the wings in the following mixture for a few hours in the fridge...

1:1:1=ratio vinegar, brown sugar, ketchup (try ½ cup of each, add more if needed)

Lay the wing/joints/whatever out in a 9x14 pan neatly side by side and put garlic salt, black pepper, ginger--anything you want on--small sliced tomatoes from garden, odd peppers, orphan garden vegetables.

Add the soaking mixture in globs on top of each and cook for 1 hour at 375.

Oh my, these were definitely as good as bought.  And don’t forget to slice up celery sticks to go with it, the kids requested that!

We called these bloody bones and served them at our Halloween party.

Submitted by Susan Helber